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Personally, I don't think you want to engage with, listen to, or invest your brains pondering the validity and advice of 'just another average marketing consultant or copywriter'. Your time is too precious to waste on that; your projects and your business too important to be thrown into a world of chaos because frankly, your business won't thrive or prosper in any kind of meaningful or profitable way. And so that's why you'll find a list of benefits below, outlining the exact reasons why you might want to hear what I have to say, why you'd want to think about having me in your corner when promoting your business, when retaining your clients, when looking for profitable ideas, when looking to GROW, PROSPER & THRIVE!

1. I ask, clear, precise, specific (even dumb and obvious) questions relating to the project, the task, the matter at hand. The benefits to you: You'll get clean, un-muddy clarity in what your goals and visions are for the task at hand. That leads to clear focused decisions, resulting in specific steps and actions to take to make the task, goal, project... successful. (You'll also find that you'll get more promotions and marketing activities completed in a much faster period of time than previously, all leading to making you more money, quickly and continuously, though without rushing)  

2. My number one interest is to solve your problems, make you more money, to have you take advantage of the many opportunities surrounding you. The benefits to you; you'll get my total focus, dedication and commitment to creating the results you want, as well as those you may not have even considered possible. You'll possibly not have had someone else who'll also care about your business and your profits, the way you do.    

3. You'll get my decades of real world experience, advice and learning, all funneled into your business. The benefits to you; you'll never have to wonder or worry if you're listening to the advice of some crank or an intellectual theorist or academic. I've invested huge amounts of my own time, money and energy in bringing you the kind of clear, valuable insight and information that will have a profound effect in how you now view your business, your customers and, how you'll view yourself. My clients have enjoyed startlingly happy results by way of profits, clarity of thinking, the certainty of knowing what will be happening next. You'll too, will benefit.

4. My marketing advice and business insight is specifically dedicated to making you more money. The benefits to you; you'll never have to concern yourself with the notion that advertising and communication is mystical and un-trackable. You'll know (and be shown) that good effective marketing is ALL ABOUT making money and creating ecstatically happy clients who want to come back again and again and again to spend spend spend with you, you, you.                

5. I'm organised and systematic in my thinking, my approach, my attitude. The benefits to you; you'll never have to worry about having to work out or decipher what I'm communicating to you, what my ideas are based on, why things are done the way they're done. Not only will this save you from mentally seizing up or from being frozen with in-activity due to their being absolute clarity and transparency in all that's being done, you'll save enormous amounts of time because of now being fluid and in motion with your thoughts and actions - which you can now divert to other productive activities that will grow and boost your profits.

(And so think about this piece of writing; is it clear; are you in any doubt or have any confusion as to what's being communicated here? Is it organised, laid out and written in a way that has you engaged and has you reading every word?) 

6. I love (and employ) 3 important elements that possibly surpasses even the technical aspects of marketing & copywriting excellence; professionalism, caring, reliability. The benefits to you: not only will you enjoy the profits and results of effective compelling marketing strategies, you'll have someone who cares deeply enough about you and who'll show up in your life in a reliable and professional way. I, like you, have been on the wrong end of that scenario too many times with all kinds of businesses and all manner of help. And yes, there's nothing more time-sapping, energy-draining, trust-breaking and money-losing...than someone being unprofessional, uncaring and unreliable. 

7. I'm professionally schooled (and continue to be) in the investigative techniques of Socrates and Cleo. (Cleo? The cat who was NOT killed because of being curious!). The benefits to you; you'll have someone who'll hold you and your business and your communications, to a higher standard; someone who won't suggest you play small or recommend you slash your marketing and communication efforts just to save a few pennies here and there. You'll have someone on your side who'll be fearlessly unafraid to take you into waters you are yet to step into, to have you be the outstanding shining knight your marketplace, where your ideal clients will only want to do business with you.

Yes. There are MORE benefits to be had. Those, you can find out about, by contacting me.  (And, by way of a practical exercise, by compounding the benefits outlined above, if you pan them out over a month, a year, a decade... you'll get more than a glimpse of the kind of value this work and a deep lasting relationship with me can bring into your life. However, don't take my word for it, check out the happy clients on the FREE page of my website. And then, once you've done that, get in touch with me and let's see what we can create for you)

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