The Heart and Soul of Great Advertising -

"Unless your advertising is based on a BIG IDEA, it will pass like a ship in the night" -- DAVID OGILVY 

From: Raja Hireker
Sales Based Strategist & Writer

If you want your products and services to escape the ugly commodity trap, you'll need more than great writing and great products or services - you'll need a string of BIG IDEAS that'll have you and your business perceived as a distinct, preeminent and stand out provider. 

Copywriters, advertising and marketing consultants of all kinds, stripes and colours, are everywhere. What's rare however, is a direct response marketing thinker with an abundance of BIG IDEAS in their marketing arsenal.

Without great marketing ideas backed up with effective direct response driven sales-copy, the vast majority of products and services never get sold in the quantities they should, they never truly excite the marketplace with any kind of deep fascination curiosity or intrigue. 

If you conduct your own investigation, you'll find many products filling the product graveyard because of never quite having the voice to activate those... BIG IDEAS. 

There's quite a difference between creating bold, intelligent, measurable campaigns and promotions, and something that has been created or developed on a whim or a fancy; something that's hastily stitched together without any logical reasoning, system or structure... there's a huge difference between the two. 

A few BIG IDEAS to be inspired by

Nancy Kwan Skin Creme

Skin creme is skin creme is skin creme. However, the genius BIG IDEA twist behind Nancy Kwan skin creme was in the bold and outrageous guarantee offered to all purchasers of the product via newspaper ads and via direct response tv infomercials;

"If your friends don't actually accuse you of having a facelift, return the jar to us, no matter how much creme is left in the jar and we'll promptly return 100% of your money, no questions asked."

How could they offer such an incredible guarantee? They could do it because of having total belief and conviction in the quality of their product. If the product was nothing but a mee-too, ho-hum, mediocre offering, no kind of guarantee would've mattered; people wouldn't be back to buy again. 


How do you create a central selling BIG IDEA for Guinness? Well, David Ogilvy created... "The Guinness Guide To Oysters"... an advert an a publication telling readers of the fascinating foods eaten with a pint of Guinness.

The guide was a super success and following closely on its heels were other guides for game birds, cheeses and a variety of other foods that go well with Guinness. If all Ogilvy did was to compare Guinness with other similar beverages, it would not have commanded the intrigue, curiosity and informational quality these guides generated. A great BIG IDEA any business can employ.


What do you do when you have a shirt to advertise with the marketplace THICK with competitors? Without there being a BIG IDEA contained in the advertising, without there being any kind of compelling difference, the company would be swallowed up in the cut and thrust of the market. 

So what of a crazy BIG IDEA of the shirt being modeled by a man with a black eye-patch on one eye? Would it work, considering the idea was 9th in a list of 18 other ideas?  

When the ads ran, with the man modeling Hathaway shirts with his black eye-patch, in the first insertion sold out every single Hathaway shirt... within one week!


A business wanted to enter the chiropractic dental market providing training, marketing and coaching, though quickly realised there were many competing organisations operating in the seminar industry already and needed a BIG IDEA that would differentiate themselves in an already crowded seminar and training marketplace and so gain instant credibility and stature.  

What was their BIG IDEA?

A positioning statement that in turn, had the company being recognised as being the leading authority in the field. Their BIG IDEA positioning statement read;

"The Only Seminar and Training Organisation
For Dentists and Chiropractors"

With that one key BIG IDEA - the genius was including and mixing chiropractors and dentists together - the company dominated the dental and chiropractic marketplace for over a decade. They made themselves impervious to competition by creating a position in the market where they were the ONLY players in the arena. They created a very tight differentiation by matching their services to a tightly identified niche making themselves magnetically appealing to only that audience.

Big Ideas are the fuel that'll transform the desire and appeal for your products. What are YOUR Big Ideas?







          Raja Hireker

“Raja knows more about the techniques of persuasion than nine out of ten copywriters. He has a winning style, great determination, huge enthusiasm and unusual ingenuity" Drayton Bird - Author Commonsense Direct Marketing & Sales letters That Sell and Former International VP & Creative Director O&M Direct

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