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2nd January 2018

Ready to crack open the 2018 spell? (staying still, staying the same)


It's gone.

It's now a distant memory.

And yet, it was only some 36-48 hours ago we were in another place, another year.


It'll be different to 2017, yet, the same. 

How so?

Same problems. Same concerns. Same  missed opportunities. Same approach and habits.

The worse that can happen to anyone, is -- staying still inside the same life. 

And we stay still when we're wrapped up in the same recurring dramatic thoughts, not moving our progress in any meaningful way. 

Which results in...

Profits staying the same. Business ideas staying the same. Cashflow staying the same. Collaborative conversations (or the lack of) staying the same. Marketing efforts staying the same. Low levels of happiness and adventure staying the same.  End of year story staying the same. 

How do you crack open the year ahead so the spell of the past years don't replicate themselves throughout 2018?

You commit.

You commit to achieving a series of goals and adventures that you'd really love to do and accomplish.

And look, no one is forcing you to do anything different or approach anything differently than you've done in the past. And yet, you HAVE to shift and change if you want to create NEW results, if you want a new version of life to happen for you in 2018. And NO... it cannot happen by thinking alone. It cannot happen by reading something once, getting temporarily inspired, only then to have it leave you and where you're back to square one again.


If you want to completely shift and alter what shows up for you from a business and marketing perspective in 2018 (which translates into more happiness, more money, more productivity, more good things happening for you than you could have ever imagined) then you've an opportunity, right at the start of a brand new year, to do something DRAMATIC that you'll talk about with extreme joy and happiness when it comes to 'reflection' time at the end of 2018.   

Nothing more deflating than having nothing good to talk about. Where the only real answer we can muster up when asked how did 2018 go... is... "it's been so so, it's been alright I suppose".

Again, if you haven't got it by now, that's called.... staying still, staying the same.  

Unless you actively approach, and then design how you want 2018 to be and look like for you, it WILL be a replica of 2017... and the years before it.

If you sincerely intend to change things up, to stir things up, to become revitalised and to invent 2018 the way you want to to be like, and... that you know your business and entrepreneurial ambitions play a major role in how everything else plays out for you, then send me a mail and tell me what you'd like 2018 to look like for you, what you'd like to achieve, what's really important to you?

If you don't name it and then design it, how can you create it into reality?


4th September 2017

Helping You Sell More of Your High Priced Products

   I don't quite know how you're doing selling your high priced products or services.

   If you've all the clients you need right now and all the cashflow you can deal with, this'll be of zero interest to you.  

   However, if you want to sell more of what you sell to more prospective clients, then I've some ideas that may help you.

   In fact, if you go to the following link -- and you study and apply what you find there, you'll probably be able to increase your income from that material alone without ever contacting me.

   On the other hand, if you decide you'd like you'd still like to get in contact with me to talk about personal help in ramping up your income by selling more of your higher end offerings (or, you would like to CREATE a higher end offering) then get in touch.

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15th April 2016

Inspire Others With Your Marketing, The Klopp Way?

You don't need to follow football to know that you have everything you need to turn your business into an energetic, happy profit machine.



And, why not.

So what's going on here?

Liverpool football team created one of the most astounding comeback victories last night that is hard to think of one that's better.

But how did it happen?

I mean, the team has had 3 of their star players, go in the last 18 months.

They've had a manager, sacked.

They've had players who just don't seem to fit the Liverpool profile.   


They knocked out the favourites for the whole competition with last night's dramatic performance.

What did Liverpool do so right, yesterday... when you consider we're talking about the SAME bunch of players who have been playing with each other for months, but with no real success?

First, the manager/coach - Jurgen Klopp. (He came in 6 months ago when the previous manager was sacked for lack of results)

JK saw talents and abilities in his current squad of players whom he got the BEST out of. (Interesting. How, when one person can drive a confidence into another person and have them believe in their own capabilities... what magic can happen)

He has a total hands on approach to his role.

He's seen as a friend and person with a soul.

He connects with the players, the staff and... the fans.

He inspires his players to be their best. 

He has re-ignited the spirit that has always been the bedrock of Liverpool football club, though they've not experienced that spirit for some time now - his main task, as he saw it, was... to turn doubters, into believers

And so what happens when his players have all this going for them?

They perform.


And what instruction did Klopp give his team at half-time when they had to score at least 3 goals to make it into the semi-finals?

 "Go do something that your children and grandchildren will be talking about for a long long time!"

Amazing what a few chosen words at the right moment, can do.

So what has all this got to do with you, your business and your customers?

Let's list them: 

1. You've all that you need in your business to make it a stunning success - take the people you have and get the best out of them. And yes, there is much MORE inside each one of them that has not been tapped that can have a turnaround effect for you, and, for them. And if you're the heart and soul of your business, then you need to find a way to re-ignite you and your spirit so you can bring your ultimate best to the game of business.  

2. You have a duty and obligation to entertain your customers and prospects via your communications, products and services in ways they've never experienced from anyone else before. The world of business is trying to relegate everyone to being a commodity. Leave that for the rest. You raise your flag to the marketplace in such a way that you simply cannot be ignored because of your commitment to excellence.

3. Turning doubters into believers - you'll have many who are sitting on the fence or are unsure about tying into a customer relationships with you. Give them all the valuable reasons why they HAVE to be connected to you, with you... and that too...for the long haul. Proudly stand for something and you'll have people connected with you for life. 

4. Your customers and prospects will be connected to you because of the reasons why you exist and what you're about... so they too can feel part of it; and it's not because you offer a product or service that people buy and stay on with you. Any team can kick a football around, not many can engage and engender a life-long passion in their fans because of being connected to a bigger cause.

*you're not just selling jewelry, you're selling a magnificent mirror that reflects the incredible character of the person investing in it
*you're not just selling printing, you're creating a wonderful written and visual image of the good your clients do in the world
*you're not just selling electronics, you're having customers be connected to a world in a way they never knew existed 
*your're not just selling consulting or coaching, you're selling the incredible bridge that'll have your clients reaching for the stars, whilst wearing practical boots at the same time.

Want to be remembered in the right way? have everything you need to make that happen.       

The key?

To have it all brought out in the open so you can shine a bright light on it for the world to see and experience. 

Raja Hireker

P.S I'm not a Liverpool football club supporter - what I am a supporter of is the want and willingness to challenge the seemingly impossible into existence... to fire up the spirit inside that's always been there... to create artistry out of what one does... to inspire greatness and magical performances in others... to marvel at what can be achieved when there's a spirit of teamwork and cooperation between people who have the same goal and intention in mind. That, I'm a 100% supporter of.   

If you believe emails like this - if written and customised specifically for your business - will make a big and profitable impact for you, let me know. Drop a line to me at:

19th January 2016

Don't Let You Business Snooze or You'll Miss The Content Miracle

Janet Jackson sings -- "what have you done for me lately?"

And for most business owners and those responsible for their organisations, the answer is... not very much.

They're asleep when it comes to thinking about making their customers lives a little more pleasant, a little more exciting, a little more valuable. 

Is it any wonder then why customers up and leave.


There's no wonder or mystery in that.

You snooze.

They leave. 

An uncomplicated formula.

So what can you do to enhance the value, the life, the adventure, the relationship longevity between you and your prospects and customers?

For one, write.


That's correct.

Write what exactly?

Well, for majority of businesses and services, you can't educate and inform your readers, prospects and customers, too much.

And so, when you have a combination mixture of the following in your business arsenal, you'll automatically leap out of the commodity game, and straight into the trusted adviser position.

Which of course, will carry more clout, more weight and a higher perceived value for your offerings.

So what kind of writing and educational content will elevate you far higher up the demand level pecking order for your products or services from qualified prospects, than by not having them?

Here are a few essentials: 

Special Reports
White Papers
Case Studies
Press Releases
Content, action driven blog posts
Mini-Books, Books
Educational pamphlets
Newsletters email/hardcopy
Instructional videos
Powerpoint / multimedia presentations

When you have a mixture of the above fueling your business, you'll be out of the commodity game in a quick flash.

No longer will you be compared on a like for like basis with a competitor down the road or across the globe (depending of course on what you sell and promote, and, to whom)

So think about this.

You own a jewelry outlet, or graphic design firm, or a training company or a furniture business or an IT company,a Private Practice or a _________________ fill in the blank with your business, what if your prospective client (and this is true for your existing clients because you've got to continually resell them on what you do and how you do it)... and... if it was a toss up between say a rival business who set up shop who had a few promotional brochures and leaflets...

Or... there was you and your business - 

And... you had a complete education system incorporating all the above--

And... what if all your informational and educational empire answered for the client every question or doubt they had, it showed them everything they needed to know to then help them make a 'no-brainer' decision to go with you... what do you think that would be worth to your clients, the effect it would have on their lives?

How much more inclined would they be to not only be connected at the hip with you for life, but, the effect it will have on their communications to others who are in need of a service or product like yours?

The multiplying effect (over time) would be enormous.  

There'd be no competition between you and the others doing what you do. 

The old adage that says people are silently begging to be led, desperate to have someone show leadership so they (your client or prospect) can make simple straight forward decisions in your direction, is 100% true.

And the above mix of informational and educational content for your business will help go a long way to help your prospects and clients choose you and your business - because you're leading them, you're guiding them, you're showing them the powerful reasons why they should be choosing you and your business (through the various content mix list mentioned above)... and because of that, they'll acquire that necessary level of trust, reassurance and conviction that will tell them they've made the right decision in choosing you.     

A word of caution;

Now no matter what content gets created on behalf of your business, it cannot be boring, it cannot be complicated or long winded, it cannot be devoid of simple clear explanations and guidance. 

You want to benefit and enhance your client's lives, not add complexity and frustration.

By ensuring your content is clear, easy to follow and solves a direct and specific problem for your reader, you'll never have to worry about creating a line of qualified potential customers for your business.


P.S If you've been struggling with creating the right mix and balance for your business when it comes to the necessary content, then let me know because there may be something we can do about fixing those content problems.      

P.P.S And for a number of businesses, by ensuring their content is timely, relevant and a pleasure for their readers to digest, it actually works out much better (in profitability terms) for them than most sales based communications and materials they put out. (However, coupled together, valuable content based materials along with high value direct response sales based communications, the combination is an unbeatable formula for consistent profitability) 

8th January 2016

Want business? No sales gimmicks needed - just tight concise copy will get to the heart of your customers who'll want to buy what you have.

"I've got to reduce my prices or give a discount or do some kind of quick sales magic to get them to buy..."

Do that and you'll drive yourself into a much deeper rut than you think because now, you'll be fretting and struggling with why the above quick-fix (read that to mean, desperate) strategies aren't working that well for you.

Here's the solution: 

When you can write amazingly coherent, engaging, tight concise copy and you can get to the heart of what your customer wants, where you address their fears, problems, pains and concerns... and... you can show how your product or services solves those problems and issues your client has, your communication clarity will stand out in your prospective client's minds like nothing your prospect has experienced before.  

When your copy is directedtightfocused (not rambling, not boring, not fuzzy) and your research and detective work demonstrates through your copy that you've dug deeper into solving your customers problems far better than anyone else can, when it's obvious that you've dug deeper into the psychological insights going on inside your customer's brains more than anyone else has, and... your copy reflects that, then guess what, you'll never need to discount, you'll never need to play sales tricks or play desperate games in order to win business. You just won't need to do that. 

But why is that, why would that make a difference than selling at a low price or giving a discount?

Most of us don't buy anything at the lowest price possible. We just don't. We will do that however, if we aren't given any other discriminating factors to base our decisions on.

But when we're given multiple reasons why we should go with X instead of Y, when we have felt someone has deeply understood us at an emotional and psychological level, when we're given clear precise instructions what to do next, and we're communicated to, clearly, without ambiguity and without someone making a mess of the whole process by coughing and spluttering on the page, then, we'll buy.

Because it's just so seamlessly irresistible

TEST: Read all your copy, out loud. Start with your home page on your website. And when you do this, have a notepad at the ready to note what you thought about what's being said, what you've heard.

Better  yet, have someone else read the copy out to you and jot down your thoughts as you hear it. 

I guarantee you this, when you do this, (apart from cringing a little) you'll get epiphany after ringing epiphany, because you'll quickly find out that the copy that's been written, isn't at all what you wanted to say in your communications, isn't what you wanted to have communicated.

You'll also find there'll be huge kinks and knots in the copy that halts your communication flow (read that to mean, your prospective clients and customers will find these communication hurdles and obstacles), you'll find that there are numerous places for improving your copy.

Effective, concise, clear cut copy can make incredible differences as to whether a prospect stays, reads, and takes you up on your offer or proposition (and therefore will most likely become a long term client paying you more for your other services or products) or... whether they stay for a quick second and then gone forever.

That's the dramatic difference effective, quality copy can make to your business, to your life, to your happiness. (See a dull-to-good example, here) 

If you want to find out how to turn up the effectiveness of your copy for your sales pages, then complete the simple form here and I'll get back to you with a time to speak.


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- 7th January 2016 -

In yesterday's email, I put there were 12 hours left instead of 24 hours, to see if FO5 - or the spirit and philosophy of it - (speed, action, no BS, direct communication, results) would be of useful practicality for you and your business.   

You do have in fact, 12 hours left to make a decision. 

So, here are a few FAQ's that may be of interest if you were thinking on contemplating F05.

Q: Do you not put the spirit of FO5 into your work before FO5 existed? 

ANS; I did have that FO5 spirit and philosophy before FO5. However, for me, FO5 has helped me create a new level of involvement & intensity, a specific direct voice and a new way of me committing to the work I do, for myself, and for clients. There's more power and intensity in my work, in my accuracy, in my not putting up with any of my own inner BS, in my not putting up in the slumbering and hemming and haawing philosophy of those who just aren't prepared to show up differently in the world and in what they do.

Q: Why is FO5 going underground? 

ANS: There's a certain level of intensity and commitment I put into my work and for those who hire me for various writing or marketing projects to help grow their businesses; to make them more profitable. I want to ensure that those who hire me, understand the level of commitment I bring to the arrangement and I cannot keep to that level when serving too many clients at once. Plus, there's a favourable 50/50 fee arrangement that's for the benefit of those who hire me for specifically for an FO5 project. However, no matter if FO5 is put away for a while, I have a certain bias for action, in fact, a renewed attitude and process for getting things done so that aspect of my work won't change. In fact, it will increase in its intensity. In other words, FO5 has been my internal coach that has helped supercharge and re-direct my thinking and my actions - for the benefit of one and all.

Q: What kind of services can I choose for the FO5 programme?

ANS: FO5 is primarily for getting you 5 clients in your business, each worth between 5K to 15K to you in value. However, if you have an equivalent value proposition you want to have considered, then I will happily see if there's something we can do together on that front. For example; I'm primarily known for my copywriting and marketing idea strategy work. And that could include any number of work deliverables depending on what the end outcome goal is that you have for your project. (The work is done and created to fit inside your wanted outcome) 

However, with certain clients, I'm their business and 'mind' coach. I help them see the made-up hurdles they've put in front as a barrier as to why something can't happen - and work with them to crush that.

I help businesses owners relight their internal fire for what it is they really want to do. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have been through many training and coaching programmes, read tons and tons of books to help them either kill procrastination, fix their own attitudes and sluggishness, fix their self opinion of themselves -- and yet, are still pondering and wondering where life is going and what they're really up to in life. I have them focused on what they really want to do by fixing their own inner opinions of themselves. I help to kick the BS out of their thought processes and bring them back to what matters most in their lives and have them work on that. If this is an area of deep interest to you and you want a particular X solved for you, let me know - there's no use living with X any longer. May as well dismantle it and replace it with something that makes you happy.

Q: Why this, why is it different? 

ANSI can't answer what other programmes or coaching type systems will do for you or how they're structured and what you'll get from a practical, usefulness and results point of view. You'll know the answers to those questions if you've enrolled into any such programmes. All I know is that when I'm inside a committed relationship with a client, there's a whole hypermarket of activity going on. There are communications being made, there are meetings being set up, there are blockages being bulldozed over, there's zero toleration for living a smaller version of what our minds want, and...there's a complete annihilation for inaccurate BS thoughts, actions and living. Oh, and it's immense fun trying to achieve what at first, may seem impossible.    

Q: What if I don't have the initial starting fee for F05?

ANS; If your goal or want or ambition for enrolling in F05 is inspiring, engaging, and has you wanting to produce big results through your business, then we can discuss if there's a way forward with this. I don't want money to be a blockage for you reaching some great outcome or result. On the other hand, money is a commitment of your seriousness and intention so what we can do is get into a conversation and see what we can create. (

Q: I don't know if coaching programme like this is right for me. Is it?

ANS: I don't know the answer to that question. That's because I don't know what goal or outcome or result you want to get. Now if you don't know the answer to that question, then spend a little time figuring out what you would like to achieve and get from your business. What monetary result do you want? If you can achieve that result or outcome yourself, then don't waste your time reading this. Get your plan out, assign what has to get done, by when. Figure out who is going to do what, by when. Put the thing in motion. Nothing that's really worthwhile achieving, is pondered over or sat on for weeks or months. Want to get your result? Then get working on it, today. Make connections, today. Make something happen, today. That's how F05 operates.                                     

Q: Why can't I get a book and follow along and do this work myself; why Do I need F05?

ANS: No-one needs FO5. They may want it to help them get what they want to get, faster, with less hassle, with more fluidity and less headache and frustration. If you can get your result by reading a book, go for it. Don't waste time pondering the many options available to you - get into action, get your result, and move on to the next target. Drop the BS procrastination. Let others soak up in that story. And on the other side of things; if you know you've been struggling by yourself to create meaningful results or with the lack of results from the people you have working for you, then you want to cut that very BS story out and fix things -- by either getting infinitely better at what you do in terms of marketing, communications, negotiations -- or -- you replace those whose efforts aren't in synchronicity with your goals and bring someone else in - or, you sell the business and get out and do something that will create better results for you in your life. Life is short. Make specific clear cut decisions that help you live a better quality life, today... not some far out time in the future. No benefit, joy or happiness comes in carrying on living with a business or a career that brings you more frustration, misery and that daily plod-along-experience, than it brings you happiness, fulfillment and joy. You can fix it by doing certain specific things, by taking specific deliberate actions mentioned above - book or no book.  

If there's a question you want an answer to when it comes to F05 that's not been mentioned, drop it over to me before the lights go out on this. Which will be... soon, very soon.. 


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31st December 2015

Don't pull the wool over their eyes (e-3)

Imagine if you've just recently passed your driving test, you're probably not going to buy yourself a Lamborghini (even if you had the money)

You might not even buy a Ferrari, Porsche or Mercedes.

Why not?

Because you're fresh out of training. You're not ready for a motor beast with all that power under your foot.

Yet, this is precisely what many businesses and marketers do - they mismatch their services and products to what their customers actually want. 

And how do you get to that specific requirement, how do you know what your prospect customer is actually looking, what they actually want?


That's pretty simple.


And here's the key; ask from the perspective of how your client sees life and what they want from your product or service, and...  not from your own greedy perspective of selling what you have, as much as you have, despite the fact that your prospect isn't ready for a higher spec item or service.

"Oh, but we've been told and trained to sell sell sell... we've been told to raise our sales numbers, to get more cash coming in..."

Yes. And that's precisely why a possible good, long term prospect will be... gone gone gone.

Wouldn't you rather they stay stay stay with you for the long run, rather than try of offload them with something they actually aren't ready for?  

Well, when you're positioned as a trusted adviser, where you have your prospects and client's absolute well-being at heart - at all times, where you're their fiduciary (they're under your protection, care, direction and governance) then... through that very process, your audience will literally, hang on to your every word, will want hear what you have to say on matters that greatly affect them, And all of that is a natural by-product, a natural extension of being positioned as the trusted adviser.

And being positioned as a trusted adviser isn't enough... you've got to act that positioning, out. You've got to demonstrate that you actually are the person you say you are, that your business is who it says it is, that your products and services do more than what you say it does.

It's interesting that big brand companies and businesses with nice deep pockets, play the 'number one' positioning game, though do very little to articulate that in a demonstrable way. What's going on here is thinking they can pay someone to elevate the business in the prospective audience's mind by creating a few slogans and mission based mantras, yet... do very little to live up to the declared positioning.

It all flows like water off a duck's back. 

Think about the phone companies tooting their customer service mantra - yet, when in a call situation, how long do we generally wait for a live person to speak to us?

Think about the restaurants who take an age to serve us, when their communications brag about... delivering an extraordinary service.

Think about when buying a quality prestige car - there's no real value based experience in the sale; the after sales communications? There as stiff as cardboard.   

Whatever you do, whatever you sell and promote, there's enormous value to be gained by being the absolute trusted adviser, the only player in your industry who actually does truly value your marketplace and has something different to offer by way of care, value, trust and communications. 

There's no business around that couldn't care more. That couldn't communicate more. That couldn't show more evidence of trustworthiness. That couldn't be the consummate trusted adviser to their marketplace.

Check your email inbox tomorrow because you'll get an opportunity to become a trusted adviser player for what it is you do, what it is you want your marketplace to invest in from you.

If you detest pulling the wool over your customer's eyes... if you hate marketing but want to know to sell without selling, then you'll find tomorrow's mail rather valuable.

Stay dialed in. Say adios to 2015. Say aloha to an unusually good 2016 for you.

Raja / / 07903 905 802 

Want email writing like this for your business? Get in touch. 

P.S Being a trusted adviser takes a philosophical shift; and is based on adopting, adapting and applying the Strategy of Preeminence. The Strategy of Preeminence puts your clients and customers desires, wishes, hopes and dreams, above yours. It's about falling in love first with your clients and their outcomes, and not about falling in love with your company or your products or services. My strategic marketing thinking and Trust based application is based on this pivotal strategy by Jay Abraham. (And, it's exactly why I'll never have a number of subscribers avail themselves of my services -- because they'll never be ready for them... they'll never allow themselves to grow... they'll never allow themselves to see how high they can take their businesses) 

To read more about the Strategy of Preeminence, please click here.       

16th December 2015

I wrote this 5 years ago, still important to you today (even more so) 

You don't need to 'believe' in Christmas and everything that goes with it.

There's no law about it.

And, even if there was a law, it'll get broken.

Now here's something you can believe in.


That's right.

No fancy shiny object or wisely tome needed for you to believe in you.

You just need you to create what you want, to make your business or career, a truly spanking success.

I wrote this post with video, 5 years ago, on 25th December.

It's as powerful now, as it was back then. 

And, if you wait another 5 years, it'll still have the powerful message contained inside it.

But why wait another 5 years to see 'how life works out' for you, to see how business unfolds for you?

Don't forget, you're the captain of your own ship.

And, if you've never heard your life be described in that way before, let it inspire you to go do great things.

Let me ask you this;

If you could do what you're doing, but do it with a greater intensity and a greater commitment than you've ever done before, what kind of results do you think would show up in your life?

Well, you'll get your answer, here.

Oh, and if you don't think the video inside the link has anything to do with you specifically, and... your specific business or career, you ARE... 100%... mistaken. 


P.S I was up for two hours last night going through the deeper version of what you'll find here, making notes and creating and re-inventing.Why?
Because I want it to change my very world from this moment onward. I hate being stuck.   

2nd December 2015

The napkin Strategy (you tried it for your business?)

So she told me her global director was sitting with her at lunch and they had nothing to write on so, (both left their laptops in the office) they used the staff canteen napkin to write their strategy for a particular project they were working on.

Hi-tech sophistication?


Not really.


When you have a smart brain and you can connect the specific dots for your specific project or goal, you can, as proven, write your message on whatever takes your fancy.

"Yes, but that's not very professional, that's not how we do things around here, you won't last a London second if you used that kind of approach in our set up!"


Those who wait for everything to be just perfect, who have to have everything in the proper order or sequence, who have to fit their thinking into a defined box, well, they'll take everyone down with them.

When it comes to business and marketing and cash flow, ideas are king.


Implementing great ideas, are king.

The funny thing about a great idea is that ideas don't just sit around and happily wait for you to have your tea and for you to put on a pair of snuggy socks before digging into that idea.


Ideas are like slippery fish.

If you don't spear an idea with a pencil, a pen, a notebook or even a piece of chalk... THERE AND THEN...then the idea will rapidly be tossed back in the ocean of your mind, never ever to resurface again in the precise way that you first presented it to your mind.

And look what happens when we let a super good idea get away from us... don't we say to ourselves... "god, I just had this great idea and I've just bloody forgotten it!" 

Yep... BUMMER!

So whether you capture your ideas on a napkin, on an electronic gadget, a piece of paper or even, writing it on the side of your head... capture it you must if you want cash to be flowing energetically and enthusiastically through your business.

And, you'll probably realise now that the message, what it is you want to say, is incredibly important. 

That's where fluent engaging copywriting is your most powerful business asset - being able to present your ideas in a way that'll get response and interaction, is vital.

Imagine having a whole stream of wonderful ideas, but you get mentally tongue tied when trying to present them to yourself (and then to others) in a way that makes sense.  

If you have a business where you know you continually struggle to present your offers and ideas to the marketplace, then... you can continue to be frustrated and troubled about it, or, you can opt to have a napkin consultant on your side, working with you to create exceedingly cool communications that'll help your audience connect with you in much deeper ways... so you can then sell more of your products and services to them.

I, is that napkin consultant.

However, dig into this idea document first before contacting me because you know what, you might not need me at all because you may get all the ideas and inspiration you need to create your own napkin strategies... the very one's that'll help your business make more money for you. 

24th November 2015

I spoke to her... she's a marketing geenius (you met her?)

Ever met a marketing geenius?

I have.


Over the phone.

Who be she?


A British Gas customer service representative.

What did she do?

What she did was she outshone all the marketing and communication waffle British Gas is known for.

How did she do that?

She listened.

​She was patient.

She was clear.

She was articulate.

She was caring.

She was friendly.

She was literally... ONE IN A MILLION.   

I spoke to her supervising manager, letting him know that if they could, they should have Seema be the customer communications ambassador for British Gas.

I told him to study the call Seema and I had, and to use that as a training tool for all other customer service reps to follow.

I told him that whoever hired Seema, should be congratulated.

I told him that Seema should be rewarded differently than all others because she literally is, different to almost all other Customer Service reps.

And the evidence for that?

A customer report like mine.

No question; Seema was British Gas's marketing in motion excellence.

Most businesses try to paint a more glossier rosier picture, far beyond what they can match in the delivering of the service or product.

Big marketing spend, though very little by way of creating an extraordinary experience for the customer.

You got a marketing geenius in your business? 

You got your communications in line to MATCH that marketing geenius? 

Can't really have one without the other.

If you've both firing on full throttle, you'll have an enviable business.

You'll have staff and employees who'll stay connected at the hip with you, almost forever.

You'll have gushingly happy customers like me who'll, do what... they'll spread the word, that's what.

I can't do anything about your employees and staff and how they are with your clients and customers;

I can however do something to your communications and copy that'll help your business be the geenius of your marketplace.

If you want to follow up on that, then do so. It'll be good for you... and, for your customers.


P.S Think about this; one incredible employee or staff member can make a world of difference to your business's bottom line profits, as well as to the experiences your customers get. One piece of copy or one promotion or one email...can make a world of difference to profits, to your happiness, to the way things are done in your business. So just imagine if you had multiple geenius employees, as well as ongoing geenius copy and communications to represent your business, to sell more products and services, to create more profits, what do you think would happen? I don't know what you think but I think your business will be... the talk of the town.    


17th November 2015

You in hot pursuit of REAL experts to help you get where you want to go?

It makes me laugh.

The coaches, trainers and consultants who haven't paid for coaches, trainers or consultants themselves.

Yet... they want others to pay them for their services.

The number of times I've spoken to those who say that they can't get clients or customers for what they do, when the onion is peeled, it'll boil back down to these people not paying for REAL sustained expertise, themselves.

And so when they haven't paid for continuous expertise, they won't know the inner workings needed to develop the financial muscle to pay.

"So what certifications and coaching have YOU had, Raja... what have YOU invested in that makes you credible to talk abut this?"


You know what, I've not had anyone ask me that before!... about my 'credentials...about whether I'm qualified to carry out their marketing and copywriting functions... about whether I'm qualified to coach them into better thinking and better sales and marketing habits...

And... they've not asked me that before because they've probably got that info from me somewhere in the communication trail... in the sending of info trail... in the way it comes across from the way I write to them trail...  

In one way or another, they'll have the info that I've paid 15k for 3 days intense copywriting training from the best business builder on the planet... they'll know I've been coached by prolific author and most in-demand Executive coach in US... they'll know I've been back and forth to the US for several years investing in specific seminars and programmes to do with getting better in writing, coaching, direct marketing consulting, email copywriting... they'll know I've trained with the best coaching institution in Europe and wrote copy to sell their training programmes and services.... they'll know I've a Chartered Institute of Marketing Post graduate qualification...they'll know that I've invested over 35k in specific marketing and copywriting information based products... they'll know that my copywriting and marketing thinking has been direct responsible for creating over 15m in cumulative combined sales from my work in various client businesses...

In one way or another, they'll get the above information.

They'll get that I was in hot pursuit to get the information I wanted, to acquire the skills I wanted, to get to the experts I needed to get to

And so that's why they don't have any deep concern paying me for my marketing and copywriting services.

And that's why I have ZERO hesitation charging people because I myself have invested for real bone-fide experts. So that's the place I come from when promoting what I promote.

What about you?

Are you in hot pursuit of experts who can help you progress your business or your projects, farther? Or, are you suffering and spluttering, trying to do it all yourself. Worse still, are you mentally swimming in the flaky luke-warm middle where you're just hanging in limbo, not making one decision or another?

Want to turn up the productivity and profit flames in your business?

Answer: in hot pursuit.


13th November 2015

SUBJECT: Don't want to be chained to a business for the next 20 years, do you?

I'll never forget the guy who dropped his son off to the same school my children used to go to.

He'd have this sour, dour, screwed up face. Groan on and on about how the school is charging an 'extortionate' amount of money for the fees for the kids, yet, he'd not change his opinion for years.

Same old gripes. Same old complaints. Year in, year out, just like a dependable timepiece.

He could of course take his child OUT of the school and pick another and pay like... ZERO fees. (No thanks, haven't got time... would rather bitch and moan instead)

He could ramp up his graphic design and printing biz (which by the way, he charges 'extortionate' prices for fairly average work)   

But no. Come what may, Mr Sour Head will be Mr Sour Head because that's what he's chained to - being sour, dour and miserable, irrespective of the good things going on.

Now there's one fantastic way to ensure that the business or project you're working on isn't going to be a continual sour, dour, thump in the head for you.

And that's by the choice of words you use to describe what you do and the way you describe the thrilling outcomes your customers are going to get from hitching a ride with you and your business. 

But saying that, if you're a misery bucket from the inside out, no amount of re-framing is going to make a difference because you wouldn't care a hoot if you had fantastic mouthwatering copy to represent what you do and what you sell, none of it will matter because, you simply don't care. 

But on the other hand, if you've a product or service that you do care about, that you've spent an age bringing to market, that you've invested your own money in (or you've got outside investment for and you have to pay that back) then you'll love what mouthwateringly good copy can do for your business.

And so what can mouthwateringly good copy, really good writing, what can it actually do for you and your business?

Well let's take a look so there's no magicians cloak thrown over this.

If you've a really good product or service and you just know, you just know that it'll do good for the customer who uses it (and you know because it's gotten super results for at least one other customer, which, by the way, is all you need to prove that what you have is something of merit and value)... but... you're not telling more prospect about it, you're not telling how valuable the product or service is through your inviting and riveting copy, then you're doing both you and your potential clients a severe disservice.

Mouthwateringly good copy can not only fix that by way of a one-time transaction, but it can ensure that you enjoy a lifelong relationship with a client. Now when you multiply that client number by multiples of 10X, 20X, 50X... now you're talking a serious chunk of change.

And that's why it continues to amaze me why many business owners and marketers are way too cheap in getting the best copy they can get written to sell their products or services. They know better, yet continue to play scrooge on the most important money-making asset their business has - the damn copy!

Now let me ask you this personal question; if your finances (the money in the bank) and your business revenues are flying high, aren't you a different person inside? I mean, aren't you more happier? Aren't you a bit more relaxed in how you approach what's going on in your life? What about paying for things; things like restaurants, going on holidays, clothes, all the techno gadgets and things... aren't you able to spend without having to worry too much about where the next amount of cash is going to come from to pay for the electricity bill?

Well if you're like most people,  who think about money, when you have a lot, you're a lot more happier and contented.

And I'd say that's a direct result of having mouthwateringly good copy represent your products and services because let me tell you, more will get sold with it than having typically bland mediocre writing representing your goods and services.

If you don't want to be chained to a business that churns out mediocre bland copy that has you selling less and less, then the good news is you're not a tree... you can do something about it.

And if you don't want to do it yourself, for heavens sake, find a solution. Don't be like Mr Sour Head above. Don't be like the person who talks and talks and talks about wanting business to change or wanting that project to materialise... but... check on them years later and they're stillbanging the same drum, still making the same excuses, still causing merry delusion for themselves and the others they've roped into their web of illusion. 

Here's a good chance to break that, with copy so good and so responsive that you'll wonder how such dramatic changes are possible.

Want that for your business or project?

Then I invite you to find out if my brand of communication and copy will be good for you and your business.

To get the ball rolling in order to find out how my brand of communication and copy will be good for you and your business, is easy:

Simply hit the REPLY button and let's take it from there.

raja . hireker @ gmail . com 

12th November 2015

SUBJECT: Creating the palace, then sinking it with crappy marketing (Don't let that be YOU!)

You're going to love this, especially if you've punted in a lot of dough to create your business or practice and yet you're not quite getting the happiness or monetary results you want.

And here's the piece to love... 

You can make up for all that heavy investment in time, money sweat and tears you've made over the years and in a fairly short amount of time, you can turn your business or practice into a money equivalent of... a palace.

"How... how... how!!... you yell... with a clenched fist perilously close to my nostrils. 

You do it by writing the most mouthwatering copy you can for your products or services.

Look, you know and I know that there's no real advantage you're going to have in making your premises or your products or services a little better than what it currently is. It's probably the best it can be so giving it an extra polish or shine won't dramatically alter the revenue numbers for your business.   

Sure, you may get the odd one or two people taking you up on your offerings based on that new fancy glitter on your windows or your website, but you're not going to get a herd of stampeding wildebeest knocking each other over to buy what you've got. That's not going to happen.

But tell you what most likely might make that happen -- is the way you use your words to get your prospects and customers to knock down your doors to buy what you have. Make no mistake. If you're not a serious student of using the right words that will instantly resonate with your particular prospects and clients for your particular products and services, then it's the same as paying bills and overheads from money you don't have.

However though, the moment you decide you want to use irresistible mouthwatering copy that you just know will send your prospects into a state where they just have to buy what you have, then the Palace is absolutely worth living in.

But what happened here? Why can words make such a great difference to the results we all can get, especially if we've been in the money doldrums for a long while, not knowing how to break out of it? Why can a change in words (and not a change in the colour scheme) make such a definite and profitable difference.   

I'll tell you why.

It's because once you tap into the dreams and hopes, the fears and problems, the hurdles and obstacles your particular prospects or customers face, and you can address them and you can bring solutions to your prospects and clients by having your copy address them full on and have your products or services be their solution, then it's like taking a rubber dummy from a baby's little mouth. (Of course, you won't do THAT.. will you... my cruel little subscriber)...

What if you went about your daily business, doing what you do, making what you make, wondering what you wonder... and, you found out that just by changing the words, the copy, the way you say things in your written and promotions materials, what if by doing that you could double or triple what you earn in a month from your business, would you think that possible, would you venture and explore into having this kind of mouthwatering irresistible copy written and installed inside your business?

If the answer is YES, then I want to talk to you about what you have in mind, what's going on in your business, what you want changed, what's not working. And, after we find that out, I'll tell you how we can go about creating the kind of mouthwatering copy that'll have your existing customers buying more from you, and... your new customers eager to want to start a buying relationship with you.          
If that all sounds good to you, then the next steps are easy.

1. Reply back to this mail letting me know what's going on in your business, what you want altered and changed.  

2. I'll set up a time for us to talk.

That's about it. Bread and butter simple. No complexity or confusion, allowed.


P.S I'm not a world class copywriter. I don't need to be. And all copywriting is, is a tool to grow a business. I simply know how to use that tool in a rather cool, productive and profitable way-- for my clients, and... for myself. 

P.P.S I just finished researching, and then writing the sales letter for a world famous guitar teacher and his online guitar school. The letter and copy was so good that he wanted to sign up to his own music membership site. (Not my words... HIS!)

Here's a sampling of results my strategic thinking, advertising and promotional efforts, has produced:

****Doubling the membership subscriber base helping a business education owner enjoy £25-40k a month… continually****

****Creating strategy, marketing assets and COPY allowing a Practice to be sold for 6 times the initial buying price and have the practice be the 2nd highest earning out of 3000 ****

****Created the foundational launch strategy, COPY and marketing assets enabling client to acquire their own clients to then sell £7million (now 13m plus) worth of food, beverage and entertainment services via specialised client retention systems****

****Created informational sales letter allowing client to notch up mid-six figure sales… (he could have easily tripled his business by creating back end products and services to sell those customers, but chose to pursue other entrepreneurial activities instead)****

****Created launch strategy, marketing assets and advertising COPY to help client create over one-third of a million pounds in 17 days****   

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