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That letter you did... we are seeing conversions at 7.8%..... It is like a train...I've never experienced anything like this in all my life. That letter...I'm just dumbfounded.
Isaac Jon - Ganston Reed Publishing

"Raja knows more about the techniques of persuasion than nine out of ten copywriters. He has a winning style, great determination and unusual ingenuity." DRAYTON BIRD - Author Commonsense Direct Marketing & Sales letters That Sell and Former International VP & Creative Director O&M Direct.

If there was one copywriter and marketing mastermind I would rather keep under wraps and not share with anyone else it would be Raja. I would dearly love to keep him under 'lock and key' as a full time member of my team. In reality, that's just not possible. Raja's genuine enthusiasm for each project he becomes involved in is overwhelming. He truly ensures everything that can be done IS DONE in order for a promotion to pull its best response possible. One little change Raja put in place with my marketing copy doubled the conversion rate of my subscription website almost overnight. When you find a copywriter like that YOU'LL want to keep him quite too!"
N.James – Internet & Mail Order Entrepreneur

"Raja is BRILLIANT! He has given me a ton of help and sound, practical advice. He is firing with ideas and strategies and is always focused to help you in your current situation and, moves you forward profitably, and with patience. I hang onto his every word and also can't wait for his emails and newsletters also. If you get the chance to work alongside him...GRAB IT!"
David Nickalls - Pro Infomedia

Raja, your ideas are exceptional. I'll be using them for a number of promotions I'm doing. Thanks!-
Troy White - Business Builder and Small Business Contributor to 'The Total Package'

Raja's simple copywriting style is magically effective and speaks direct to the reader. If you're looking to really connect with your clients and prospects through the written word, you'd be crazy not to hire this guy. Neil Asher - Managing Director - New Insights Life Coaching Ltd

“I had a 10 minute talk with Raja and he absolutely blew me away with the number of ideas he gave me to boost my profits in my business. He constantly asks question upon question to uncover the solutions to my problems. He really cared about me and my business and I would recommend him to anyone. He has one of the sharpest marketing minds I have ever met”
Hayden Sullivan – Marketer of Personal Care & Therapy Services

I’m in a business where I can’t say too much. (nothing sleazy or anything like that!) But what I can say is that if it wasn’t for Raja’s creative thinking and copywriting, I don’t know where I’d be today. He’s helped put so much money in my pockets that I don’t know how to thank him. Apart from that is, let him loose in my business and have him make even more money for me. If you want the same to happen for you, hire this guy and you’ll see what I mean - JSF – Creative Services

“Raja’s copywriting and marketing, is magic and he has used them to great effect for us” Jonathan Jay - Former MD of Europe's Largest Coaching & Training Organisation. 

His copywriting skills are both creative and persuasive, I cannot recommend the services of Raja high enough. The stuff he wrote for me had me wanting to buy my own product! I Reynolds – Marketer to the wedding sector

"If you need fresh ideas, new ways to sell your products or services, super fresh marketing and copywriting, then you've got to check this guy out. Raja's worked on a number of secret projects for me and I'm pretty reluctant to let others know about him. His work is solid and his word is golden. Plus, he's just a really nice guy. I don't think you'll go wrong in having him help you out in your business".
Ron G Holland, author of Talk & Grow Rich and The Eureka! Enigma

"Raja, thank you for your input, constant support, the strategic thinking and the written copy you have delivered to us in our campaigns to get the Fresh Restaurant product launched across the UK! Working with you has been both an education and inspiring in helping us generate attention and interest with your creative ideas, headlines, sales letters, follow up communications and "the power of the sequence" which really has helped us win new business. Your ability to deliver on time, every time has proven you truly are the expert we needed and your "reliability" which is so consistent and makes us feel as if we are very special to you and it's as if we are your only client - so yes, we have learnt and gained a tremendous amount and really are serious students of Raja Hireker. Massive thanks for all your help and don't dare hesitate to count on me to genuinely recommend you to anybody who wants to make their business a real super success."

Ross Murphy, MD - Fresh Restaurant Marketing

(UPDATE: As of this writing (10th April 2015) approx 15 million pounds has been put through the tills of my clients clients through the various promotional offers and copy I've produced)

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