How to Get a Profitable and Unusual Concoction of Coaching, Consulting, Strategic Thinking, Copywriting & Idea Generation Working Together for You to Set Your Marketing Campaigns, Your Sales Pages and Your Customer Experiences... Alight!


     A little while ago I was talking to a fellow who had purchased a house via auction. He'd done up the property from top to bottom and it was now up for sale. A number of weeks went by and I asked him how the sale of the property was going. He mentioned that there was some kind of activity but not the kind he wanted.

     And so after hearing him, I asked him if I could give him my ideas and observations in how to get the property sold. He of course, agreed. 

     Among many things, were these small collection of ideas I gave him... ranging from... revamping the selling proposition... finding better places to advertise... how to properly incentivise the Estate Agents... how to create an unusually compelling offer... what to do with a third interested party who pulled out of the buying cycle... how to deal with the inquiries who turn up to view and who say they aren't interested in the property... how to effectively decipher what to do with the weekly feedback info received from the Estate agents... how to best use the £20-£25k margin he has in reducing the price... what to put on a private website to sell the property and rake in all the money, giving word for word copy on the fly in what to say in an ad that'd have the prospect buyer more intrigued and interested in knowing more than they would if reading the dry, bland, bog standard uncaring descriptive copy written up by the estate agents.

     After sharing these ideas and insights with him, he was somewhat compelled to asked me - "what do you do again, how would you describe it?" I told him... "you've just experienced it!". 

     By reading the above, you'll see why I've described my role as being unusual, precisely because of a hybrid mix of business, marketing and intangible soft skills I use to solve a problem or to create an opportunity 

     How and Why, did I learn to do all this, to make my brain be this bubbling cauldron of marketing, business and communication concoctions? For 15 years I studied. I learned. I read. I failed. I experimented. I tested. And then, I did it all over again. And I loved it. The KEY to it all was application and implementation of the very ideas and strategies I'd learned from the best of the best in direct response marketing and Personal Growth & performance based coaching. What I did then, over time, was to fuse everything together to form my own special blend of thinking, idea generation, marketing, coaching and writing - into a formula - a formula that simply cannot be duplicated by anyone else because no-one else can see the world in the way that I do, nor will they have had the various life experiences I have, nor will they have the same way of connecting, articulating or expressing something in the way I do.   

     But why do it in the first place?

     Because all around me I saw such bland, weak and lazy communications and advertising messages selling all kinds of things, though they didn't really want to make me fall in love with any product or service. It just didn't. There was no care or love or heart being demonstrated in the selling and promoting that I said to myself that I want to learn how to do what others aren't doing, and to do it in a passionate, meaningful, results based way. I wanted to help sell other people's products and services and communicate it all in a powerfully effective and compelling way, yet, it had to be unique to each individual client.

     And in the buying of various products and services, I saw there was little to ZERO commitment to creating an astonishing experience for me, you, the customer. It was all just hovering on 'average'. (And yes, that included purchasing big ticket items like a house, a car, educational and coaching programmes.) So that became the trigger point for me to dive in. And so that's how my communication, marketing and idea cauldron mixing pot, has become so deep and diverse.    

     For example, here's what gets put to full use when working with clients (and how they then model the same ideas, practices and skills in their own lives and businesses) - how to think clearly, how to ask great questions, how to solve marketing, communication and business problems, how to articulate and express one's ideas and thoughts clearly in print, how to motivate and energise a person into action, how to create problem solving ideas and turn them into practical plans, how to break the complex and communicate it in its simplest terms, how to break apart business, marketing an thinking systems, and then put them back together again in a better optimised, better performing way.

     As you'll probably detect, when these skills are combined, utilised in collaborative harmony, the resulting compounded effect can pretty much solve almost any marketing, communication or business problem. So you see, for me, being pigeonholed as a coach, consultant, copywriter, marketer, Idea generator, motivator, doesn't quite work that well.
     And in a way, that's my difficulty!
     However, for you, if you're considering taking your business or venture on an exciting journey where you want to find out how high is high, how profitable is profitable, how to find out what are the best performing assets in your business, how to make your marketing and your communications be the best performing, the most profitable they can be, how to create and endless stream of profitable ideas, how to know if all your business and activity flow are in alignment and synch with your overall vision and purpose... then... I suggest you and I have a no strings, no commitment conversation to see what kind of possibilities exist. I think you'll enjoy the conversation. I think you'll find it stimulating. I think you'll find it to be productive, practical and profitable for you.
     And what happens after that?
     We won't know the answer to that just yet. We'll come to know at that time.
      If that sounds like something that you'd like to find out more about, and you're happy to speak to a self-confessed, non-pigeon holed, un-orthodox consultant and communication specialist...then what you can do in the first instance is fill in the simple form you find HERE 

Warm thanks,
Raja Hireker
Direct Marketing Strategist and Copywriter 

P.S Your biggest asset as a business owner, an entrepreneur, an executive, a professional, a marketer... is your continual ability to ask incisive, probing, analytical questions, and then... acting on those answers that show up for you. The questions you do not ask, cannot help you. The right question, said in the right way at the right time, can open up a whole new world of possibility for you. Let's start to ask those questions. 

And just by my asking the right questions and creating the right strategies and communications, here's what can happen:

****Doubling the membership subscriber base helping a business education owner enjoy £25-40k a month… continually****
****Creating strategy, marketing assets and COPY allowing a Practice to be sold for 6 times the initial buying price and have the practice be the 2nd highest earning out of 3000 ****
****Created the foundational launch strategy, COPY and marketing assets enabling client to acquire clients to then sell £10+million worth services via specialised client retention systems****
****Created informational strategy and sales letter allowing client to notch up mid-six figure sales… (he could have tripled his business by creating back end products and services to sell those customers, but chose not to. Stopped running that business and went into a completely different business altogether)****
****Created launch strategy, marketing assets and advertising COPY to help client create over 1/2 million pounds in 17 days****
**** Created all sales letters and email copy for multiple marketing funnels to help generate tens of thousands in revenue for provider of educational materials for high value professionals****     

P.P.S To give you more evidence of my hybrid ideas, my thinking and concepts, you'll find a collection of them inside this blog site: http://fixingbadmarketing.blogspot.co.uk /  

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