If You're Passionately Convinced and Convicted About the Results & Value Your Product or Service Can Bring To The Lives of Your Target Customer Audience... And... Believe Your Products and Services And Your Business is Something That Will Inspire Me To Create The Best Work Possible For You...Then Please, Read On... 


If your business and the marketing & communication campaigns and projects you depend on to grow your business are important to you, and where you're now ready to play an even better and bigger game and impact more people than ever before because of the mission you're on ... then you might be interested in the services of a non-conventional, passionately edgy yet exceedingly happy and balanced direct response copywriter and marketing consultant to help create those big breakthroughs for you.

More specifically... if you want someone to be able to turn an idea, a concept or strategy into an actionable, profitable, blueprint plan (and implement it) faster than most people you have worked with in the past... if you want to have someone create generous amounts of cashflow for you from your current clients and customers through a number of elegant, yet directly powerful and accountable direct response based marketing strategies and compellingly responsive communications... if you want someone you can completely depend on to tell you the truth and will show up and show you what needs to be done to create exceptional results... if that's what you want, then please get in touch with me. We need to have a conversation.

Services for Hire:

Retention marketing programmes, email marketing nurture campaigns, back end marketing programmes, product launches, direct mail strategy and creative copywriting (see below), sales letter teaching & coaching, phone and in-person consulting. Interesting, stand-alone copywriting projects also considered.

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Here's the specific kind of person I CANNOT help:

Frankly, I cannot help everyone. You've got to be a certain type of person who'll benefit from what I can bring you. Here's the type of person I simply cannot help:

If you're someone looking to cut corners, to have a quick-fix makeover that'll magically deliver Rolls Royce results for you...if you're constantly asking and seeking approval from all those around you to validate what you're up to (you have severe difficulty making decisions on anything important)...if you're unwilling to invest and take full ownership and responsibility for the events and activities fueling your business...if you don't truly value your clients and your marketplace... and... if you promote and sell products and services that aren't anywhere near the best in class, then frankly, my work, my skill set, my philosophies and my outlook, just isn't the right match for you. However, that doesn't mean there aren't others who'd be interested in your business. 

Here's the specific kind of person I CAN HELP:

You're a business owner / entrepreneur who leads from the front. You have endless amounts of drive, ideas and ambition and want to use that to help your venture retain all the clients you can, along with a burning desire to turn your business into an amazing on-going experience for your clients. You love striving to make your products and services the best in class, or would like them to be. 

You're likeable, coachable and generally a happy individual. You care deeply about family and friends and have seemingly unlimited levels of energy. You may get knocked down when trying various ideas and all may not all work, yet you're committed to making a big difference in the lives of your own clients and customers on a continual basis. You don’t want to follow what others do and want to set the bar to your own, creatively high standards. You want your own unique self-expressive voice to come bounding and shining through the debris of everyone else's stifled and stuck up business personality and you aren't afraid of living your authentic self by declaring who you are and what you stand for, and want all your communications to reflect that real version of you.     

What holds you back is having too many competing good ideas and strategies that you're working on at the same time to create any real meaningful impact. You have a fear of not being able to implement all that you want and many a time feel powerless by trying to handle everything in the business yourself, and, in getting the right kind of quality help to propel your venture, upwards and onwards.

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